Archstoyanie 2008. Summer
Noah’s Arch


Arch Stoyanie 2008. Summer Program
Festival of landscape objects in Nikola-Lenivets Village
July 17 – August 20, 2008

Nikola-Lenivets Project
Nikola-Lenivetskie Promysly Non-Commercial Partnership
UGRA National Park
Dzerzhinsky District Administration

Project Partners
Cloud Watcher
Agrosphera Ltd


Arch Stoyanie 2008. Summer Program
Festival of landscape objects in Nikola-Lenivets Village
The Festival Theme: Noah’s Arch

July 2007 – floods in Great Britain
August 2007 – floods in Australia
2005 – Hurricane Katrina
2004 – Tsunami in Indian Ocean
2003 – Floods in Argentina
2002 – Intensive ablation, formation of the largest iceberg 270 km in length and 40 km in width
This is far from overwhelming list of natural cataclysms ended with catastrophes caused by the World Ocean. At the same time life on our planet have arose from water. We call upon to friendly contacts with water resources of our planet and careful attitudes. For realization of these concepts we offered to design short-term floating house which could be used as a shelter for 3 – 6 persons within several days. These floating houses are going to be floated down the Ugra river, from "Pahomovskiy bridge" to Zvizhy village. Upon the festival completion the water crafts are going to be transported to the specially arranged territory, where they are going to be used as permanent museum exhibits and guest-houses at the same time.

Raft parade will be held on July 19, at 15:00 in Zvizzhi village on the river Ugra.

Participants and objects>>

About the authors >>

R&Sie(n) / Francois Roche, Stephanie Lavaux (Paris, France) 
Natural and contradictory projects of R&Sie(n) Architectural Agency tend to experiment and innovation. The basis of the concept of their chameleon-like architecture lies in the link between the building, context and human relations in the conditions of the changing climate.

R&Sie(n) consider architectural identity as emanating from uncertainty principles defined through provisional processes and forms in which animism, vitalism and mechanism become vectors of dynamic mutations. Works by R&Sie(n) were selected for the exhibition in the French Pavillion at the Venice Architecture Biennales in 1990, 1996, 2000 and 2002 (they rejected the invitation that year), and in 2000 and 2004 they were selected for the international section.


Sami Rintala (Helsinki, Finland)
One of the best contemporary architects of Scandinavia, professor of Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and teacher at Oslo School of Architecture (AHO). In 1998, Sami Rintala organized his own agency.

With his colleagues and students he talks about society, nature and architect’s real tasks through architectural methods, using space, light, material, environment as a means of conveying information. All his works naturally blend with the landscape.
Rintala was widely recognized as an architect in 1999, when he created Land(e)scape – three neglected wooden sheds raised on 10 meters long “legs” to follow their owners to the city – as a manifesto against urbanization of villages and rural industries.
He participated in the Venice Biennale 2000 with the project “Sixty minute man”.

Aleksandr Ponomaryov (Moscow, Russia)
Aleksandr Ponomaryov is one of the most tech-savvy Russian contemporary artists of today and a recognized master of objects and installations. He was awarded the title of Officer in the French Order of Arts and Letters.

Aleksandr started as a quite traditional graphic artist, later he started creating large paintings – “abstract topographies”: nonexistent islands, oceans… From the beginning of the 90’s he began working in the genre of installations and objects.

He participated in the Venice Biennale 2007 (installation “Wave” and the collaborative work with Arseniy Mescheryakov “Shower”).
At the Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art in spring 2007, Aleksandr presented the project “Secret Fairway” with the surfacing submarine that had been premiered before in Paris, in the Tuileries Garden supported by the Louvre Museum.

Vladimir Plotkin (Moscow, Russia)
Chief architect of the creative production enterprise “Reserve” since 1995, Member of the Union of Architects since 1984, Professor of the International Academy of Architecture, member of the board of Moscow Open Social Acedemy.

Among Vladimir Plotkin’s projects are retail complex “Quadro” in Kutuzovskiy 88, sports complex with apartments in Tatarovskaya valley, residential complex Aerobus in Kochnovskogo 4, apartment buildings in Malaya Filyovskaya 34 and in Proezd Zagorskogo 11. “Reserve” puts a priority on the quality of architecture, its esthetic aspects.

Totan Kuzembayev (Moscow, Russia)
Totan Kuzembayev’s architecture is free from market contrivances, it is the natural expression of his instinct, temperament, original talent. He is inherently gifted which means no affectation, harmony in the view of life, infallibility of intuition and honesty. Totan’s constructions are recognizable – their energy shows somewhere between architecture and contemporary art. They are always a discovery, each one demonstrates innovation or a fresh perspective.

Special project for the festival Archstoyanie 2008. Summer.

“Noah’s Ark / The Essential”

What if there is a Flood?

A flood is a power that crushes everything on its way, both nature and people’s creations. This is a situation when one must save the most valuable things. If it were you to decide, what would you take on board the ark, apart from the “two of every sort”? What is worthy of being saved and kept for the New world?
The exhibition project demonstrates works by famous photographers and artists presenting “the essential” (special project), as well as a showing of the winners of the photography contest for young professionals.

Exhibition project “noah’s ark / the essential” >>

Participants: Aleksandr Shaburov, Vyacheslav Mizin (Blue Noses Group), Oleg Kulik, Vladislav Efimov, Igor Mukhin, Yuriy Avakumov, Yuriy Palmin, Aleksandr Ponomaryov.
Press release of the special project

Exhibition of the winners of the photography contest for young professionals 
As a result of the contest, the jury chose 30 works of artists working in the genre of photography and professional photographers recording situations, states and objects they found to be the main asset of mankind.

The exposition will be presented in a field of 15 hectars.

Jury of the contest:
Olga Lvovna Sviblova, director of Moscow House of Photography
Andrey Bezukladnikov, photographer, general director of
Yuriy Avvakumov, architect, photographer
Yulia Bychkova, curator of the festival Archstoyanie
Anna Bakhshitskaya, creative director of CloudWatcher
Oleg Tserbayev, photographer

Nikola-Lenivets Project,
NP “Nicola-Lenivets Crafts”,
Administration of Dzerzhinskiy District. 
Cloud Watcher

Partners of the project:
OOO “Agrosfera”

Promoter of the festival:
Inna Prilezhaeva