Adriaan Geuze

Pine pavilion

Archstoyanie 2007. Summer

The Border

Adriaan Geuze, an architect, has found his bureau West 8 in 1987. Today is has become a world leading company specialized in urban design and coordination of landscape infrastructure and social sphere within one project. Adriaan Geuze has a great experience in supervision of the projects of the kind in various countries of the world. He teaches in such Holland institutions as Delft University of Technology, Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design, Berlage Institute, Amsterdam and Harvard Graduate School of Design (USA).

West 8 Company has got a quantity of awards including Dutch Maaskant Award (1995) and Rosa First European Landscape prize (2002). In 2002 Adriaan Geuze has got Veronica Rudge Green Prize for Urban Design, a very prestigious award in the sphere of urban design. Moreover he was a curator of International Architectural Biennale in Rotterdam in 2005. Geography of projects by West 8 covers the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Canada, The USA, Russia, Singapore, Puerto Pico. This is architecture of developing of unique approach to projecting of suburban settlements, large landscape parks and urban districts. West 8 Company provides a unique mixture of contemporary culture, special atmosphere of the place, architecture and engineer ideas in its projects.
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